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Wedding Cake Design

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Stacked Cakes are supported throughout by internal dowel rods for stability.  For stacked cakes or more than 4-tiers, the final assembly for 5-tiers and over would be at the venue because of the weight and to reduce the risk of damage in transit.

Each cake has its own independent cake board (hidden by the icing), so that any layer can be kept for a future event like a Christening or other Celebration.  If collecting a 2-4 tier cake, a specialist transport box can be loaned, (deposit required) designed specifically for stacked cakes.  Individual cakes are supplied with their own boxes.

My objective is to create the cake to your exact requirements and will assist in your choice of cake, design, and accompaniments, ranging from pretty individual mini cakes in presentation boxes, cupcakes, or any number of cake tiers, shape, colours, style, and theme for the decoration.

My cakes and creations are as individual as you; looking for something Beautiful or an Exquisite Masterpiece, offered is a totally bespoke service and I aim to design your Wedding Cake or Celebration Cake at a price to suit your budget

If you are looking for something away from the norm, don’t be embarrassed to ask for help to come up with a wacky or non-traditional cake style.  The many design and display choices involving your cake will impact on the final cost and this will vary according to the cakes style.  

Prices are affected by:  

How many guests will attend the function

What size cake and portions required – see this portions chart link

What shape and style of cake.

Style of modern, traditional or whimsical

How it should be displayed: stacked, stand, pillars, separators, etc

Will you require stand hire?

What type of cake? Fruit, sponge, and flavourings

Dietary restrictions for allergies or religions

What colours to match clothing?

Designs to match lace, hobbies, or theme

Drapes, Frills, Random Dots, other artwork?

Words to suit the occasion in any language

Royal Iced, fondant/Sugarpaste, chocolate curls etc.


A Royal iced cake will be more expensive as twice the time is required

Chocolate curls, Chocolate Sugarpaste, and pure chocolate cakes are more expensive and priced accordingly

I specialise in wired sugar flowers which are as lifelike as a bridal bouquet and colour match as far as possible.

Sugar Flowers to reflect:

Favourite blossoms

Replicate past or soon to be bouquets

Smaller sprays for the cutting knife

Table settings

If copying flowers that are being delivered to the venue, then a contact name and number of the florist would be useful.

My Picture Galleries contain a small selection of my previously made cakes and the pictures are intended to provide you with some ideas.

BAKED TO ORDER: Exquisitely decorated, competitively priced, with top quality cake ingredients to give that special home-made flavour.

The Wedding Cake becomes one of the most photographed moments during your Wedding Day, and the cake is always something the guests will remember, so why not make yours truly memorable with a unique wedding cake design.

There is an old saying ‘you first eat with our eyes’ and not only should your cake look stunning but also taste as good or even better than it looks.  The design and decoration of a wedding cake is left to your imagination… If you can imagine it, I can make it and I am here to help!

Each cake decorated in whatever colour and style you choose; consider sugar flowers, buds, shapes, edible cake lace, piped side designs, frills, drapes, sugar butterflies, and more besides, the choice is endless.

Cakes do not all have to be the same uniform shape and can be varied with a combination of shape.  Imagine if - the bottom is square – the middle is round – the top is perhaps heart - or petal, or  bell – they don’t all have to be the same !

Style - Size, and Shape - of your Wedding Cake

Any size – most shapes – including –

Round, Square, Oval, Heart, Octagon,

Hexagon, Triangular, Rectangular

3 Petals, 5 Petals, Horseshoe, Wedding Bells

Flat Bell, and Upright Bell, Key, Cross

These days more and more couples are moving away from the traditional rich fruit cake with white icing.  So regardless of what you think, there are no set rules or requirements which you should follow when deciding on your wedding cake theme or design.

I offer a free consultation, no obligation to purchase, to discuss with you and design your individual cake; The Cake of Your Dreams for Your Special Day.

During the consultation, I can demonstrate a range of different cake stands from two to eight tiers, various base stands, separators, pillars, together with cake stands for mini cakes and cupcakes; all far too numerous to mention.  Not all cake stands are shown on the web.

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