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Sponge or Rich Fruit

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Rich Fruit Cakes can either be matured with Brandy or any choice of spirit added and Baked to Order at short notice.

Warning: are you allergic to NUTS?

Fruit Cakes and Marzipan contain NUTS (Almonds)

If you, or a relative has a nut allergy PLEASE say so!

For sponge Wedding or Celebration Cakes I use a moist Victoria Sponge type cake base and fondant icing; plus marzipan if you prefer for extra luxury. Alternatively, the marzipan base under the fondant can be substituted with either a white/dark  Chocolate Ganache.; A blend of chocolate and cream.

For carved Cakes, a moist dense sponge cake base is made for carved cakes requiring a lot of modelling.

All cakes are approximately four inches deep once iced; all made of four layers of luxurious sponge, and filled twice with whipped vanilla butter cream and the centre with jam flavour of your choice, which holds its own when cutting, particularly for wedding cake portions.  For chocolate cakes, at extra cost White Belgian chocolate can be whipped into the butter cream to give that extra luxurious taste.

For those who prefer no icing or marzipan and who prefer just a butter cream icing coating, I make a Traditional Sponge, and the same recipe for Naked Cakes with no covering and just a dusting of icing sugar and some prefer fresh berries around the sides (subject to availability)

All sponge cakes are of 4 layers of sponge, filled three times, below are some suggestions:

Traditionally, a Wedding Cake sponge is Vanilla; you can also choose from Chocolate, Lemon,  Carrot cake, Coffee, and more besides.  The choice of flavoured sponges and fillings are left to your imagination………. !!!!

Lemon - Light lemony cake with fresh lemon juice, filled twice with lemon curd whipped into the buttercream and lemon curd in the centre
Orange  – Traditional sponge with fresh orange juice and grated peel of the orange for flavour; four layers of sponge filled with fresh orange juice and Cointreau liqueur buttercream

Amaretto de Saronno  – traditional sponge cake, buttercream laced with Amaretto liqueur and layered with Amaretto buttercream
Coffee & Walnut – Coffee cake four layers of sponge layers, filled with Coffee essence flavoured buttercream and chopped walnuts

Carrot Cake with chopped walnuts, spices, four layers of sponge filled with Orange flavoured buttercream and freshly squeezed orange juice

Traditional sponge – four layers of vanilla sponge filled three times with Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Cakes with white fondant, or at extra costs can be covered with chocolate fondant, chocolate buttercream or white or dark chocolate Belgian Ganache. Chocolate cakes could be decorated with:

Chocolate flavoured fondant Roses

Roses made with real chocolate

Cascading Luxury Belgian Guylain Chocolates

White or Dark Belgian Chocolate Cigarillos (pencils)

Cascading Chocolates

Some Sponge flavours may incur an additional ingredients cost.

Gateau Cakes for for Dessert:  A Gateau cannot be stacked and are best displayed on one of my stepped cake stands

Chocolate Gateau – Five layers of moist chocolate sponge filled four times with whipped chocolate ganache or either dark chocolate ganache or white chocolate Ganache, Ganache outer coating, dressed with piped Ganache and berries (subject to seasonal availability)

Sachertorte – is a chocolate delicacy, a classic Austrian chocolate cake layered with Apricot/Orange Preserves, Glazed and sealed with Apricot/Orange Preserve to seal the cake before covering it with chocolate

Strawberry or Raspberry Gateau – Five layers of moist vanilla sponge, filled times with whipped Vanilla Buttercream, Strawberry or Raspberry Jam, dressed with buttercream covering, piped buttercream flowers and berries (subject to seasonal availability)

Other Gateau suggestions are:

Coffee and Walnut

Coffee and fresh Orange segments

Lemon with Lemon zest and lemon curd

Note: Some Sponge flavours may incur an additional ingredients cost

Deliciously Moist Sponge Cakes in a flavour of your choice or Traditional Dark, Moist Rich  Fruit Cakes  

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