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Icing and Marzipan

Anne Newiss©

The Icing on the Cake is dedicated to only one goal

- creating the most beautiful and delicious cakes.

Each cake is an Original that you and your guests will recall with joy for years to come.  

The Options, some of which are priced separately, are:

  1. A soft rolled fondant icing in either Traditional White, Ivory or any colour of your choice. Chocolate flavoured Dark or White Chocolate paste with a foundation of either Chocolate butter-cream, with additional choice of Marzipan if liked, or rich Chocolate Ganache.

  1. Chocolate Ganache, Belgian Chocolate of either Dark or White Chocolate blended with Cream to give a luxurious chocolate and smooth finish especially for those who do not like icing or marzipan.

  1. Buttercream Icing, blended with just the right amount of icing sugar to make a setting buttercream to give a silky smooth finish, and again with no marzipan or fondant icing.


  1. Traditional Royal Icing over Marzipan;  icing in any colour of your choice; added to the royal icing is a dash of glycerine to keep it soft, so it is never rock hard.

Prior to covering a rich fruit cake with fondant or royal icing, the Marzipan can be brushed with Brandy for extra flavour. If you prefer Alcohol free Wedding Cake, or Celebration Cake, please let me know - its your cake!

Allergic to nuts; Please say so!

Need help - phone 01787 468694 or Email:

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Tel: 01787 468694

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