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How much is a Wedding Cake or Celebration Cake?

Whatever your choice, a bespoke cake does not have to be expensive

The cost increases according to the extras, luxury, or intricacy of the decorative work involved. Sugar flowers and any other decorations are priced individually.

As a Professional cake maker and decorator, published on here are basic prices for every size, shape and cake flavour.  This is fair to you as a customer; so please read on, scroll down, and follow the links for the pricing and portion guides.  Here you will find prices for sponge cakes of any flavour including chocolate cake, carrot cake, and rich fruit cakes ranging from 4” to 14”.

The starting basic price is based upon three things; the flavour, fruit or sponge, the number of portions, and the shape, like square, round, heart, oval, etc.   So - how much cake will you need; the number portions from each cake are governed by –

What type of cake flavour:

Sponge Cake, Rich Fruit Cake, carrot cake, and more besides.

What shape:

Round, Square, Heart, Octagon, Hexagon, Oval, and even Wedding Bells?

To work out the required cake sizes, first go to my portions guide and size chart; here you can establish the cake sizes needed for the shape of your choice.

Having worked out the cake sizes and number of cake tiers required and whether you would like Rich Fruit or Sponge Cakes, follow the link to the pricing chart and this provides the basic cost of each cake.  The prices are for plain finished cakes with your choice of 15 mm ribbon colour around the cakes and around the iced cake board edge included.

All cakes can be adapted to suit a person’s budget. No two cake prices are ever the same as they are as individual as you. So before you start to work out the price, you need answers to know

 How many portions, the shape, Sponge or Rich Fruit?  

Rich fruit cake portions are generally smaller than sponge cakes so you get more portions out of fruit cakes than sponge cakes and you get more portions out of square sponge cakes than any other shape.

I am not a cake shop on the High Street, so you can be guaranteed my personal attention to detail in designing your own individual wedding cake.

If something is not mentioned this does not mean that it cannot be achieved.  So do please ask me a question either by email or contact me direct on

01787 468694

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