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Additional Costs

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All cakes are individually designed to your specific requirements

and every cake is different.

There are information charts under – Portions Guide and Price Chart  

Work out portions required, then the price. Once the final design has been decided, all details are confirmed in writing and an invoice issued.

Additional Costs:

Cake Side Designs can be simple or complex:

If you have a design in mind, please ask for a price as complexity of design will dictate the price.

Cake Side Designs with Sugar Lace is the new trend or choose drapes, frills, dots, stripes, hearts - what do you have in mind?

All Sugar Flower Displays are Hand Made

Wired Sugar Flowers or Cake Toppers

Unwired Fondant Sugar Flowers

Chocolate Cigarillos are subject to price check

Specialist work - Filigree, Sugar Lace, Run-outs, Drapes, or Frills the final price depends on size and shape of cake

Additional costs relate to the amount of detail or additional items such as wired sugar flowers, cake toppers, cake stand hire, supporting rods and internal HD boards for stacked, drapes, frills, or other embellishments.


Basic cake prices are detailed in the Cake Price section.

The many choices involving your cake will impact on the final cost these may vary according to the cakes style and prices are affected by:

Piped decoration - Modelling - Sugar flowers

Board shapes - Size of cake

Sugar Flowers

I specialise in wired and unwired sugar flowers which are as lifelike as a bridal bouquet and colour match as far as is possible.

Sugar Flowers to reflect:

Favourite blossoms - Replicate past or soon to be bouquets

Smaller sprays for the cutting knife - Table settings

If copying flowers that are being delivered to the venue, then a contact name and number of the florist would be useful.

Wired Single flower from £5

Small unwired arrangement from £15, or wired from £25

Medium unwired from £20, or wired arrangement from £35

Large unwired arrangement from £25, or wired arrangement from £65

Other options:

Models – individually priced - Small Single Animal from £10

Animal couple from £35 - Bride and Groom from £40

Cake Jewellery of broaches, Diamante, etc., are individually priced.

Price: All cakes are bespoke and individually designed to your specific requirements; a firm price will be given when the final design has been decided.  Once decided, all details are confirmed in writing and an invoice issued.

For Basic Cost follow the Cake Price LINK.  

Basic Price is for Cake,+Marzipan, +White Fondant Icing, +Ribbon

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Tel: 01787 468694